Meet one of the most outstanding and in-demand artists in techno's present age: the Berlin based DJ, producer and label owner - Len Faki

Berlin based DJ, producer and label owner Len Faki is one of the most outstanding and in-demand artists in techno's present age. He is an internationally requested DJ, whose productions and remixes are played by techno’s most prominent names. In 2003 he founded his own label Figure as new platform to play out his eclectic and open-minded vision of techno music. Being a resident at Berlin’s prime techno club Berghain since its opening in 2004 keeps him open-minded as both, DJ and producer. His sound is constantly evolving without ever losing its vibrant, unique energy and the passion and heart he puts into his sets. His gigs are an audio-visual adventure where he is not only playing for the crowd but rather performing for and with them. 

In spring 2009, another milestone in Len’s career was passed with the release of "Berghain 03" on Ostgut Ton, Len Faki’s first commercial mix-CD.  Accompanied by two 12 inches with exclusive tracks from fellow producers like Radio Slave and Len himself, "Berghain 03" further reinforced his status as one of the most innovative and versatile techno DJs in the business who pairs a deep understanding of balancing stripped-down funkiness and modern techno sensibilities.

Since then Len has found more and more pleasure in editing tracks for his DJ- sets to create his own musical universe and further develop his unique sound on stage. Len Faki’s bone-dry but communicative execution style sets him apart as a true gentleman behind the turntables, an artist whose sets are based on raw passion and beauty, who uses his fingertips like sensors on a richter scale, gauging, anticipating as well as triggering eruptions on the dance floor...