Our #LABO18 on-site concept store is built on belief in creativity, design and positive vibrations. Discover our unique and handcrafted products at the festival such as limited edition necklaces, shirts, scarfs, tunics & many more. The following brands will attend our pop-up concept store: 

  • Maks: All pieces have a story to tell, not just by the look, but with the possibility to combine with everyday fashion. Flirting with avant-garde, asymmetry, sharp cut, organic and light fabric are formulated for wearable but unique clothes, clothes that have a character in their thread.
  • Liberta: handmade silver jewellery made in Greece
  • Hippy Garden: colourful in one hand and black in other. This brand helps you to complete your style.
  • DURIé: the inspiration was found in the neo-punk period of the chic eighties, worn on wave music whose beats are delighted with new wave electronic sound. Noise, fashion, punk, 80s, Pollock and Keith Haring created this collection under the watchful eye of Dushka Durie. So, let's dance with Durie! 
  • Dilemma: primary they make their own graphic designs for posters, but the most interesting thing they make are storage paper bags! And they all have their own illustrations. 
    The inspiration was found in comic books, books, calligraphy, typography and interior design. 
  • Gooma: handmade upcycled bags made of used sails. 
  • Things I Miss: our style is as raw and primal as life itself. We will not offer collections. We create editions when inspiration is strong and deep enough.
  • Bibi: brand inspired by India and old ways of making jewellery but with new materials combined in unusual ways. Allergy-free and water resist jewellery - wearable all year long and for every occasion. 
  • Lapsus: printed t-shirts with unique prints and interesting cuts.