Come and discover the unspoiled harbour city of Omiš during Labyrinth Open, 
the 4-day summer music conference.


Arrival and check-in. Pre-party up the Cetina river for anyone renting accommodation on site


3 Stages with a mix of international acts and upcoming talent


3 Stages with a mix of international acts and upcoming talent


Music conference 1 stage will remain open on site and off site

Epic boat parties


3 stages with a mix of international acts and upcoming talent

Big closing party


Check out,
Kisses and goodbye!


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On the 7th of July, the day of check-in you can join us up the Cetina river for an exclusive pre- party. Anyone who bought housing on site is eligible and will get picked up on the campsite and taken up the river by boat to kick off the festival in style!


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Are you interested in learning more about the music industry? Have you always wanted to know what it takes to be successful in the studio? Or maybe you just want to learn how to promote yourself as DJ/producer in the best way? Well, this is your chance!

Monday the 10th of July will be all about the music industry with a full programme of industry related side activities such as interviews with the DJs and managers, panel discussions, product presentations, studio sessions and more. Expect a cosy beach bar on an exclusive setting in Omiš and interesting talks, made possible by our partner in crime ‘Pioneer’ and the Belgian organisation 'How I Work'! The following topics have been confirmed: 

“The man behind the mask” - Q&A with Boris Brejcha

“The importance to distinguish yourself as DJ & producer, and how to?”

Have you always been curious how DJ’s and producers grow that fast to become an established player in the scene? Get tips and tricks from the master of High-Tech Minimal himself: Boris Brejcha!

Both kind of electronic artists will be highlighted during this ‘Questions & Answers’, both DJ’s and  producers. “What is the importance of being a resident in a club for DJ’s, could it be a springboard to lift them to a higher level? How do you get your tracks as producer played by DJ’s at the top of the scene, is it all networking or is it creating your own identity?” All this questions will be answered based on the story of Boris Brejcha. A story about the evolution of being a bedroom producer to being an established and well-known producer. 

Do you have more questions for the owner of the ‘Fckng Serious’ label? Ask them yourself during the Q&A and get to know the man behind the mask.

‘The power of social media and the audiovisual aspect in the growth of an artist’ - Mixmag Adria

A lot has changed in the scene with the coming of social media. Artists need to promote themselves in different ways than before. Things like promotion video’s, GIF’s, online magazines and livestreams are very popular these days. Eugen Juricek, CEO of Mixmag Adria, will describe this digital evolution and he’ll give some tips as well.

“How important are ‘Public Relations’? Does the growth of an artist depend on a correct and precise timing? Is the way magazines and press talk about an artist determinative? Is it needed to play as much as possible, or is exclusivity an extra selling factor?” All these questions will be answered to help young artists to become an established value.  

Are you curious how you can promote yourself in the best way? Get tips and tricks from the CEO of Mixmag Adria, to start building your own career!

‘In the studio with DkA’ - Pioneer

‘What can a producer accomplish in half an hour with unfamiliar gear?’ 

We’ll lock up a virtuoso in the studio for 30 minutes to watch how he creates tracks with Pioneer’s newest gear, like the Toraiz SP-16 Sampler and the Toraiz AS-1 monophonic synthesizer. This virtuoso will be the Belgian producer, Antoine Verbrugge, ‘DkA’. 

This topic will be preceded by the Pro Audio manager from Pioneer, Alex Barrand. He’ll present their newest 3-way speakers!

‘Ask Us Anything’  - A talk with prominent players in the scene: managers, bookers, tourmanagers…

Have you always been curious about the impact of a manager or a booker on the growth of an artist? Or are you more interested in fun facts from artists during touring? Good news, in this item we go head-to-head with a few very important people who make it all happen behind the scenes. We aim to get insider info and give everyone insights on the what, how and why!

Expect a conversation between the audience and the managers, bookers and tourmanagers from DJ’s at the top of the scene. These guys know the scene inside and out, they'll undoubtedly have some amazing stories to share. Ask them whatever you want to know!

‘In the studio with Kapibara’ - OWOW

‘What can an artist accomplish in half an hour with unfamiliar gear?’ 

OWOW presents a new set of electronic instruments build to enrich live and studio performance. We’ll lock up international artists in the studio for 30 minutes to watch how they create live sets with OWOW’s gear. Both the drum, the wiggle, the wob and the scan belongs to the set up of the virtuosi ‘Kapibara’. 

This topic will be preceded by the head of communication from OWOW, Robin Dohmen. He’ll present their ‘MIDIS 2.0’ with which Kapibara will work. These four wireless MIDI controller are all about enriching live performances and getting more creative in the studio by using intuitive body movement! 

Timetable - Music conference

| 12:00 (Noon) | ‘Power of Social Media’ - MIXMAG Adria - Eugen Juricek

| 1:00 p.m. | Q&A - ‘The man behind the mask’: How to distinguish yourself as DJ/producer? - Boris Brejcha

| 2:00 p.m. | ‘Ask Us Aything’ - A talk with prominent players in the scene

| 3:00 p.m. | ‘In the studio with Kapibara’ - OWOW 

| 4:00 p.m. | ‘In the studio with DkA’ - Pioneer


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If you wanna get your feet wet and go off site for a nice change of pace we have just the thing for you: boat parties!
On Monday 10th of July, we set sail for epic boat parties on the open sea.

Tickets for boat parties are not included in the festival ticket and are sold separately, they will become available soon in our ticketshop.

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